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Best Time To Travel And Visit Vietnam Last Part 2

Best Time To Travel And Visit Vietnam Last Part 2

Thank you very much for your reading last post today Let’s Fly will lead to to other traveling time of Vietnam


You have to know it interesting, learning that Vietnamese hardly travel solo – increasingly in friends and mostly family form or like-minded forms. What this means is that parents often wait for their children to be absent from their school for family vacation. From June until early September, Vietnam has a record highest in tourists volume, crowding in mountain retreats and beach in summer time. famous places like Sapa, Halong Bay, Phu Quoc, Danang, Nha Trang, will see lines after lines of tourists– hotels or hostel will be full, food price rockets and the worst of it all – traveler spots of all sorts will be crammed with people come from outside as well as inside Vietnam.

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In terms of June’s weather to the beginning time of September is a hot and wet period. It does not sound like an ideal time for traveling, but for people who love the beach and the sun, they cannot find a better time to travel to Vietnam than this period. All throughout the country from the top of the north to bottom of the south, you will see the golden sun shining Brightly from the early morning until  7 PM of the evening, and the evening usually gives chance to a thunderstorm. If you are from a tropical country as Vietnam – great – since you are already used to this kind of weather. If you are not – bring some sunscreen to yourself to avoid sunburnt. If you are not into crowd often, avoid visiting the city during weekends.


The best time to visit the North part of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, CatBa Island, Halong Bay and other provinces nearby, the sky is very clear and the breeze is gentle. when the time is coming closer December, the temperature can drop and people cannot realize that they are staying in a tropical country anymore. Coupled with the many French colonial architecture buildings here and there in the downtown area, Hanoi will attract you like what Paris and other romantic capital usually do. at the end September and early October is also a great time to travel up north to Sapa ( a beautiful downtown), to see the beautiful color of terraced rice paddy, flowers, tree field ready for harvest. besides, the time between September and December in the Northern part of Vietnam can be unique by the words “tranquility and romance”. Temperature is often hovering and moderate in the 20s.The best thing that you should do in this time in Vietnam is book a free walking tour in Hanoi.


Dry air in this time will make your trip even more enjoyable – strolling or walking, you will love it all.

otherwise, this perfect time period may not be the best fit for the beach  to the south of Vietnam. For example, October and November are rainy seasons in Nha Trang and the damp weather may spoil your long-waiting vacation with beach and the sun Similarly in central of Vietnam, especially Hoi An and Hue n it often rains very heavily in November and December, though the water may Ease as it gets closer to Tet holiday ( Lunar new year of Vietnamese people. Still, the rain can make your plan for outdoors activities be failed. In exchange, traveling in this time and you can avoid all the hottest weather wit sunburnt of Vietnam summer.

Nha Trang Island Tour

Nha Trang Island Tour

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