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Best Time To Travel And Visit Vietnam Part 1

Best time to travel and visit Vietnam part 1

One of the first questions that always appear into a traveler’s mind before visiting any countries on the word is deciding on a time to go.

There comes the time for vacation and holiday, and then many sudden questions “would that be the best weather to come to visit the country” ” how is the weather in that country ?creates new nerves. Actually, even when you search on google, bing, yahoo or ask your friends or who have been travel in that country before for advice on a “best time” to have a vacation in the country, opportunities are not all of you can prepare a perfect plan for your vacation as advised.



So today say this to make you calm: for Vietnamese weather, any time can be the best time for travel. There are different weather patterns from North to South because of the opposing monsoonal season, will make each single time in each year an advantage. Plus everyone has a choice: some cannot stand the hot weather, some want to be visited a non-crowded destination while others would love to meet the local people and feel the culture as well as tradition. Therefore, each season or month, even each week in Vietnam travelers will meet one of these expectancies, if not all.

Simply it’s hard to tell you when is the best time for travelers to visit Vietnam, so please read this post through and decide one by yourself.


the time of Vietnamese weather between January and March is particularized by occasional light rain and cool in the North, dry and warm in the central and the south. The temperature in Hanoi and Nhatrang ranges between 13 and 25, in Hoi An and Hue between 20 and 30 and in Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang between 28 and 35. If you have a plan to travel early in the year to rural parts of the Northern mountain, make sure that you will bring coats and umbrellas to keep yourself be warm. Temperature in province like Sapa can drop to 5 degrees below freezing

The time between January and March also have the most colorful and beautiful festivals taking place all over the country, including Tet festival ( the biggest festival in Vietnam. Besides, you need some Certain precautions if you travel in late January and early February so that you can enjoy the best time. Towards March, the weather could be warmer and the festivals lessen are intensive. From fifteenth day of February to fifteenth day March (Follow lunar calendar), the number of travelers are among the lowest in the year for both domestic and international tourists.




April to June is the time that no one can anticipate, as the season transforms from spring to summer In Vietnam. Most April 30th holiday (the Reunification day of North and South of Vietnam) experience occasional light rain with cool weather. As it gets to summer, temperature rises and so is the warmness. The central of Vietnam remains wet weather until May, while the South and Southern beaches are already in hot and dry weather from March to May.



Vietnamese families often do not travel until the mid-June since their kids are alllow to absent from school for summer vacation. so please do not be worry because That means you still can breathe in some space if visiting famous beaches like Nha Trang, Halong Bay or Quy Nhon.

One suggestion for you that we can make sure that – visit Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi during April 30th – May 2nd, which coincide with the long festival in Vietnam. You will find these cities un-crowed thanks to families taking off: congestion, fewer traffic, nice fresh air and best time to visit tourist spots and museums. We have team building at Ho Chi Minh City, can you access: https://saigonteambuilding.net/

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